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This page is for links to any news stories concerning the Roadside Monster.



December 30, 2006


Roadside Monster Company started with the idea of a large fiberglass bigfoot sign holder for the side of the road.




December to October 2007


Development of the plug, molds and first production models. (see How and Why)




September 28, 29, 30 2007


Ranchita Rocks Festival – We displayed two just-completed (less hands) prototypes. 

I made a picture page of Ranchita Rocks 2007.  Here’s the link:





October 10, 2007


Thanks J. Harry for my first news article in the San Diego Union did a story on our monsters, here’s the link:



October 29, 2007


Thanks Loren Coleman for any excellent link of his outstanding site!!!  Here’s the link:




December 15th, 2007


The first completed monster is born, named later Rancheti: the Ranchita Yeti.




January 5, 2008


Press release on the first sale of Roadside Monster, we delivered it today.  Here’s the  link:




January 24, 2008


Article in the local Borrego Sun newspaper and feedback from our locals.  Be careful, this is a large file (3.8 mb)   Here’s the  link:




April 4, 2008


The San Diego Weekly reader has a puzzle for residents of the county and the big guy is in the middle of it!  Here’s the link:




May 18, 2008


Robert Krier of the San Diego Union writes a nice story on us!!!  Here’s the link:




June 9, 2008


Coast to Coast, the great AM night time radio show had our picture on its page and a small note.  Here’s the  link:




August 15th, 2008


The second completed monster is born, named Larry, he’s the world first surfing Yeti.




September 5th, 2008


The third completed monster is born, named Bell Bottom Blues, he’s a left-handed bass playing Sasquatch!.





September 12-14, 2008


Ranchita Rocks, a local 3 day benefit to help preserve the back country was attended by two of my boys.  Here’s a picture page of Ranchita Rocks 2008:




October 2, 2008


Another picture of one of our boys in the local Borrego Sun newspaper.  Be careful, this is a large file (3.8 mb)   Here’s the link:







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