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Here are some additional pictures of the BBBlues (Bell Bottom Blues):




Bell Bottom Blues right after completion in early September.




BB Blues stand 11 foot tall, and about 300 pounds.

He was named Bell Bottom Blues because when he was created,

 his base above his feet was accidentally created wider

than the base feet.  He looked like he was wearing

 bell bottom high-water pants from the 70’s. 

We corrected that quickly in the mold.




Shades were patterned after the ones the Blues Brothers

 used in their movie.

 I had to trim the top for BB’s brow. 

Sunglasses are made from fiberglass, like most of the statue.






The guitar on BB Blues is permanently attached.  

The toes on the head ‘tune’ it.

 Future Sasquatch guitar players will probably have

fiberglass guitars which can be removed.




BBBlues has a wooden guitar, with brass (welding rod) strings.





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