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This is copy from my eBay ad


From time to time I will sell one on eBay dependent upon availability.


Need a promotional landmark in front of your business?  Something people will see, and remember?  Ski lodges can use the yeti as a standout landmark.    How about a scare crow that will keep the coyotes far away?  Or how about something so big, so outstanding, no one will ignore it?  "Daddy, daddy stop for bigfoot!"  


This auction is for an 11 foot tall fiberglass Bigfoot statue.  This is the first time one of these is being offered for sale.  The winner will have the choice between a white one and a brown one.  Both are currently complete except for the hands.  The base hands are being made and should be completed by the end of the auction.  Please contact the seller for details and options.  The hands are part of the auction, the plugs used are pictured.


Roadside Monster Company is the manufacturer of large fiberglass Bigfoot (Sasquatch or yeti) statues.  Generally the Sasquatch statue is brownish and the yeti status is white.  This statue in this auction is one of the first prototype monsters to be produced.  It has a gel coat rough finish.  It has been used for display purposes locally.


The current hands that will come with the statue will be designed to be bolted onto the statue to facilitate holding a sign. (It should be approximately 3 foot 10 inches tall).  Sign to be provided by Buyer, and is not part of this auction.


The sign is optional, so he can just stand there and scare folks if that's what you want.


Each one is hand-made and hand-laid with multiple layers of strong fiberglass to withstand weather and the elements.  The Bigfoot can be anchored through a locked panel to either an optional wooden stand (not included), or to secured bolts.  A template is available for bolt spacing to have him anchored with large bolts into a cement pad.  The weight is approximately 300 lbs. The base could be filled with ballast to provide additional security.


Each Bigfoot is unique.  The coloring, texture, security options, talking motion detectors, after-hour lights and other options can make it even more personalized for you.   This auction Bigfoot is the base model.  No options 


The basic Roadside Monster comes ready to stand up on a pad.  Anchor bolts will be needed to secure him.  (We don't want him to walk away.)  Buyers are responsible for securing him from wind and thieves.  Buyers are also responsible for displaying him responsibly so that drivers are not frightened and not too distracted from safe driving.  Buyers are also responsible for obeying all zoning ordinances regarding sign usage. 


We are located in Southern California.


Please contact seller for more photos, and details.  This is a brand new product, new company;  copyright in progress.  The first prototype (less hands) was finished at the end of September.  The two currently available are the first prototypes. 



These are prototypes, so I may do alterations for a buyer for additional costs.  Please contact me.


In the picture, my daughter is 4 foot 10 inches.  The Bigfoot or Yeti is 11 foot tall.  I have also included a picture of the plugs for the main part of the hand.  These are designed to hold a sign as pictured in one of the photos.  Some pictures show it mounted on a trailer.  On the trailer, it's less than the 14 foot max, so it could be driven around town as it is shown, maybe as a rental for some young entrepreneur.


Update (10/17/07) just weighed the big guy... 260 lbs (less hands) so the total weight should be less than 280 lbs.  If I built a crate for him (12 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot), the shipping company quoted me a price of $2500 to Dallas from here (92066), which is just too expensive.  So if you are serious about one of these guys, I will deliver for cost plus $300 to you if you are within the continental US.  This way I can help on the setup, make sure we all are happy.

You might be able to get this gigantic guy in time for Halloween.

Last note:  come on you TVR Griffith owners; find a home for this beast so the club registry can be updated.



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