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Ranchita, CA. Roadside Monster Company, a local mom-and-pop shop, has just delivered the new Ranchita mascot. Installed between the general store and the real estate office, the 11 foot tall, white Bigfoot will encourage desert goers to stop, get their picture taken and learn about this unique, small desert town.


These promotional landmarks are available in white or brown and have customized features such as solar powered eyes that will glow at night and an external motion detector with a recording feature to allow the owner to have his yeti talk when someone approaches. The face was design by renowned artist, Mark Alfrey.


Ranchita, California, is located in remote northeast San Diego County.  Most know it as that small community on the way to the desert.  Many know the name for its much exaggerated winds.  Recently, many young folks got introduced to it with the first Ranchita Rocks, a benefit concert and comedy event in the fight against the Sunrise Powerlink. 


 In hopes of putting a face to Ranchita, the Montezuma Valley Historical Society (MVHS) acquired this unforgettable landmark.  Some call it a Bigfoot, some a Sasquatch, and some an abominable snowman.  Whichever it is, the new mascot is creating a stir.  Standing in front of the only commercial property of the area, he's hard to miss.  Local merchants have already noticed a significant increase in the number of people stopping to have their pictures taken with him. 


The MVHS was founded in 1997 by William Wharton. The small group provides the Community Center (named for its founder), a library, a small museum and a park for the use of the communities of Ranchita and San Felipe. The “Ranchita Bigfoot” was presented to Ranchita by the Montezuma Valley Historical Society and Bill Wharton Community Center in support of local artisans.


The large sculpture is still lacking a nickname, but a local election is planned.  The Sasquatch is a product of the Roadside Monster Company, www.roadsidemonster.com





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