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Base Unit (no options) - $6500.00







Stand (4’ by 8’)  165 pounds wood and carpet - $300.00


Solar eyes (light up at dusk) - $300.00


Custom face – includes face mold, 1 face mask, and face incorporated into bigfoot. - $3000


Hand options (base unit comes with hands, but buyer has the option of having a sign holding monster or a standalone monster with just bare hands.


For custom hands or props, prices to be quoted.



Additional options:


We have all sorts of ideas we would like to do, but unless someone is willing to help us create them, they’ll just remain ideas.  Some of these ideas are:


   Motion activated custom recording so it will say your message when approached.

Video / Audio system so it will talk to those pesky tourists.  WiFi?



You tell us what you need or like, and we’ll see if we can do it!






This is the tricky part.  I believe that freight is just too expensive at this time.  I really would like to see some of these out there, so if really interested, call me and I may deliver to you and help with the install at my cost. 


Thanks for looking.




Don’t forget:  Know someone who would like to buy one of these??  Earn some cash by being a BIGFOOT SALESMAN !



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